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Night Club Membership offers you video and audio tracks from Andrew Holecek and leading experts in meditation, lucid dreaming, spirituality, science, philosophy, and more, with new content added every week. Our community helps people learn together, connect, and “wake up” to life.

Here you will discover:

  • A global community of friends to nourish and support your journey
  • Tools and tips to become more aware and lucid during the day and night
  • How to transform obstacles into opportunities

No matter where you are on the path to awakening, Night Club will support your journey into greater awareness. Let’s “wake up” together -- for the benefit of ourselves, others, and the planet.

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Get immediate access to ALL our premium content, which includes over 300 hours of recorded teachings, guided meditations, guest interviews, webinar-series, and much more to support your path.

  • Night Club’s offerings are designed for entry-level practitioners as well as seasoned veterans, and covers material from a variety of wisdom traditions, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and agnostics.

Join us for instant access to experienced guides, a community support network, and a continuous stream of offerings that you will not find anywhere else.

All NC Memberships Include:


Connect with over 3,000 Night Club members from all backgrounds and levels. Our community uses leading edge technology by Discourse to provide a world-class experience for connecting with other members.

Live Events

All premium members get access to a varieity of events where you can ask questions to Andrew (and other experts), and hear from fellow members of the Club. You are also invited to many other community-building events (see below).

Access Anytime

Mobile and offline access allows you to enjoy Night Club anytime and anywhere. Download the recordings to your smartphone, or access our private playlists on SoundCloud. The NC Community App can be downloaded to your phone for easy mobile access anytime.

Premium Member Access Includes:

Meditation Group

A systematic and thorough presentation of a number of meditations, with extensive references that support them.

Book Study Group

Reading books together, with commentary from Andrew, and plenty of time for discussion and Q & A.

Interview Series

Conversations with spiritual teachers, scientists, scholars, and leading experts to offer you the latest in meditation, lucid dreaming, and the study of mind.

Ask The Sleep Doctor

Brief comments about the science and medicine of sleep and the ability to talk to a sleep specialist.

…and more amazing offerings.

we’re always adding new live events and member meet-ups that help us help you sleep better, dream more, connect with others, and live more lucidly…

A welcoming gift for our new members

Meditation in the iGeneration; How to meditate in a world of speed and stress.

This book offers everything you need to know to start meditating, and to support your journey. It tells you exactly what meditation is, dispels the myths of what it is not, and shows you how to cultivate peace and happiness through meditation.

Get your free PDF copy when you sign up for the Night Club premium plan.

“One of the best benefits of living with the pandemic…”

Night Club is making a difference in our members lives:

"I so much appreciate this offering and Night Club as a kind of 'meeting place' for us who are seriously interested in night time practices. I also appreciate how well you are moderating the live calls and how organized they are, while at the same time they remain so relaxed and fun to be in/with. I'm thankful that you also provide the recordings (for those of us in different time zones). This simply is such a good combination of things."

"I am enjoying Andrew's teaching style and information very much. He's the first western teacher I've really felt like I connected to, and it's great that he has such a deep pool of resources for me to check out."

"Night Club has been one of the best benefits of living with the pandemic"

"Thanks very much for the Thursday group and for having it available at no cost. That makes a difference to me right now. I have enjoyed many of Andrew's books and retreats am very happy to have this opportunity to tap into his immense knowledge and wisdom."

"I’m so grateful to have found this community and I have learned and grown so much as a result."

"Since joining Night Club, I have connected with several other experts on lucid dreaming, like Clare Johnson, Jennifer Dumpert, Charlie Morley, and Daniel Love, just to name a few. I love learning from so many outstanding teachers. It helps me stay interested in lucid dreaming and keeps my practice fresh. Thank you."

"I hope Andrew does book readings of all his books because going through the book with him is so helpful because it is so dense that I know I would not even get a quarter of what I’m getting with him by doing it alone."

"I love being connected to this group. I feel nowhere in the world are ordinary people getting what we are getting. Such rich and seemingly infinite source of Dharma."

"I wanted to communicate with other people about Lucid Dreaming and growing awareness, and there you created the space, thank you."

"Thank you. Andrew you are really helping me with my path. When I listen to you, I would like to sit on a cushion for the rest of my life..."

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Interviews on meditation, lucid dreaming, philosophy, and spirituality, from world-renowned experts.


Teaching hours, guided practices, and Q & A to help you sleep better, inspire your practice, and strengthen your lucidity.


Worth of guided video and audio content, including interviews, webinars, guided meditation practices, and more.

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Free members of Night Club get access to:

– Night Club Community: 24/7 connection with meditators and lucid dreamers from all around the world.

– Virtual Hangouts: Meet every week with Andrew Holecek and members of the NC community for a live Q+A session and hangout.


Premium Night Club members have exclusive access to a host of Night Club offerings including:

Free Offerings+

– Meditation Group

– Book Study Group

– Night School

– Ask the Sleep Doctor

– Webinar Series

– Interview Series


There is no free-trial available for our Premium Plan however we do have a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can try out our premium plan risk-free.

Free Night Club members can also sample several of our premium offerings as part of the Free plan. 


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Premium members who pause or cancel their plans will automatically be downgraded to the Free plan and retain free member access within the Night Club ecosystem.


Yes! We have a 30-day money back guarantee for all premium member subscriptions. Enjoy Night Club risk free and cancel anytime.


Nearly all Night Club sessions are recorded and made available to our members through various mediums.

Members can easily access recorded sessions on the Night Club (1) website, from the Night Club (2) community, on (3) private podcast feeds (listen on your favorite podcast providers), (4) SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes and more, (5) Vimeo and more video-options coming soon.


We want anyone and everyone who genuinely wants to be here… to come join us and know that you are welcome regardless of your financial circumstances. 

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