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The Foundations of Lucid Dreaming [Course]

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Knowing that you are not alone in the solitary adventure of the nocturnal practices is a major benefit of joining Night Club. While your immediate friends and family may not share your passion for deeply investigating the world of sleep and dreams, you will find people in Night Club from all over the world that do. Built on Discourse app, the webs best conversations platform.

Night School

In addition to the important social aspects, Night Club also doubles as a “Night School,” with six main classes of study in its curriculum.


An ongoing stream of material on sleep disorders, the latest science and medical breakthroughs, and more.


To work with the principles of lucidity by day, and prepare the ground for lucidity at night.


Unpack all the aspects of lucid dreaming: how to induce lucid dreams; the latest studies and research; and much more!


Night Club will host live webinar events with Andrew offered to our Night Club members. These will be recorded and posted online so that they can be listened to later if you can’t make a live webinar.


Andrew will be tapping into the many connections he has made around the world with spiritual teachers, scientists, scholars, and experts in lucid dreaming to offer you the latest from leaders in this field.


Member Remarks

Outstanding webinar with info and excellent Q&A. I can’t imagine them being much better!

I have so enjoyed listening to your conversations with the experts in their fields that are interested in speaking with you about our dream yoga and bardo studies.

I have loved coming across nightclub recently, & feel so fortunate & grateful you’ve created it! This site is filling in so many gaps for me, & I am so captivated by this material.

I am extremely grateful for this community and the resources – knowing there are people I can reach out to if I have questions or need any support is invaluable.

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The Low Down

Can I cancel my subscription to Night Club?

Yes, you can cancel or pause your subscription to Night Club at anytime with no cancellation fee. A cancelled subscription cannot be restarted but a paused subscription can be. 

Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied?

Yes, we will provide full refunds for any cancellations that occur within the first 30-days of your initial registration. We will also provide full refunds upon request for upto 48 hours following a subscription renewal. Once 48 hours has passed on a renewed subscription we will no longer offer a refund.

Can I pay with my credit or debit card?

Yes, we have two payment providers, Stripe and PayPal. Stripe allows for direct entry of your credit or debit card. Many members prefer PayPal and can login to their PayPal accounts for easy payment.

I'm a beginner to lucid dreaming and not sure if Night Club is for me?

We’ve built Night Club to accomodate members at all different levels of the path, from beginner to advanced. So don’t worry if your new to this… you are welcome here and this may be the best online community in the world for you to grow and practice with. 

How often do you host live webinars?

We host live webinars every 2-4 weeks or about 2 every month. 

What is Discourse?

Discourse is the name of our Community software and it allows for state-of-the-art communications between Night Club members. It’s basically a NEXT LEVEL forum and it helps make the Night Club Community so awesome/powerful/fun/etc…

Do I need to live in the United States to join Night Club?

No, definitely not! Night Club has a global community and members from all around the world. We actively seek to accomodate our international members whenever hosting live events… and often vary event times to reach our greatest possible audience.

I've been lucid dreaming for years. What new can Night Club offer me?

Night Club provides a wealth of resources and information from lucid dreaming experts and leaders in the study of mind. If you want to take your practice to the next level, Night Club will provide you with the path and community to do that.

The nighttime meditations are solitary by nature, and the study of mind is subtle and strewn with obstacles. Ongoing encouragement, advice, and guidance are critical to success.

Night Club


about Night Club

Night Club is a groundbreaking venture. Its mission is to establish and nurture an international community of students and teachers who have an interest in these extraordinary practices.

about Andrew

Andrew has been studying and practicing meditation and the nocturnal practices of lucid dreaming and dream yoga for over 40 years, and teaching them internationally for over 10 years.