Here to provide everything you need to grow your nocturnal meditations of lucid dreaming and dream yoga, to transform obstacles into opportunities, and to turn these revolutionary practices into a genuine path for psychological and spiritual growth.

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Why Night Club?

Andrew Holecek has been teaching the nocturnal meditations of lucid dreaming and dream yoga around the world for many years. One of the most commonly asked questions at these programs is, “What’s next?” Many people want to continue their exploration, to go deeper, to meet like-minded friends, and to feel supported. With so much sustained interest, we have decided to finally provide this support. Whether you’re a longtime lucid dreamer, an enthusiastic beginner new to the nighttime practices, or somewhere in between, Night Club will offer you ongoing support for your journey.

About Night Club

“Night Club” is a groundbreaking venture. Its mission is to establish and nurture an international community of students and teachers who have an interest in these extraordinary nocturnal practices. The nighttime meditations are solitary by nature, and the nocturnal path is subtle and strewn with obstacles. Ongoing encouragement, advice, and guidance are critical to success.

While the club is exclusive – the material offered here is not offered in the same way anywhere else – membership is open to anyone with an interest in these practices. As a member you will receive a continuous feast of offerings that is found nowhere else. And we priced this membership to be as inclusive as possible.

The Benefits of Night Club

Guest Interviews

Andrew will be tapping into the many connections he has made around the world with spiritual teachers, scientists, scholars, and experts in lucid dreaming to offer you the latest from leaders in this field.

The following luminaries have committed to doing interviews with Andrew over the next few months, so stay tuned for these stimulating conversations with leading experts — with many more guests to come.

  • Richard Miller, Phd, world-renowned spiritual teacher, author and clinical psychologist.
  • Kristen LaMarca, Phdpsychologist and lucid dreaming researcher.
  • James Kingsland, science journalist and author of Siddhartha’s Brain.
  • Patricia Garfield, pioneer in the world of lucid dreaming and author of many books on dreams.
  • Jordan Quaglia, Phd, cognitive neuroscientist and researcher in virtual reality.
  • B. Alan Wallace, Phd, author or editor of some 40 books, expert in dream yoga.
  • Reggie Ray, Phd, professor, author, and scholar of Buddhism.
  • Clare Johnson, Phd, dream researcher and author.
  • Roger Walsh, MD, Phd, leading Integral thinker, professor, author.
  • Evan Thompson, Phd, philosophy professor and author.

Andrew will also connect you with other courses, books, and teachers that can augment and support your ongoing journey. Night Club will serve as an international hub of “nightlife” connecting students and teachers around the globe.

In addition to authorities on lucid dreaming and dream yoga, he will interview sleep doctors and scientists that he has worked with in his clinical practice of sleep management.

These experts will talk to you about:

  • How to manage insomnia
  • Why we sleep and dream
  • The importance of good sleep hygiene
  • Diagnosing and managing disorders like sleep apnea
  • The place of stimulants, sleep aids, and sleep hormones
  • How drugs may aid or interfere with sleep

And countless other practical topics that surround sleep and dream.

Ongoing Interaction with Andrew

Andrew is deeply committed to making himself available to members of the Club, via the live bi-monthly webinars, the ongoing forum, and whatever venues we may come up with in the future. Many of the topics in our webinars will be seeded by questions from you, with the bulk of the time with Andrew devoted to live (and then archived) questions and answers. In his own training, he has found that interaction with a teacher is invaluable. This is especially so with the nocturnal practices. Lucid dreaming and the other nocturnal practices are still the “road less traveled,” but that doesn’t mean you have to travel this road alone, or without a guide. 

Live Webinars with Andrew Each Month

Twice a month, Andrew will appear online via live webinars or taped videos to present new material, and to take questions from the community. These ongoing (and then archived) teachings will keep you on track, and keep you motivated. No stone will be left unturned in giving you all the support you need.

Here you will:

  • Learn the latest science and hear about the most up-to-date apps
  • Receive teachings from traditional texts and modern literature
  • Get the latest information about supplements, apps and other lucid dreaming technology  
  • Learn helpful tips and advice gathered from members of Night Club
  • Get recommendations on suggested readings, recent publications and forthcoming events
Facilitated Discussion Forums

Knowing that you are not alone in the solitary adventure of the nocturnal practices is a major benefit of joining Night Club. While your immediate friends and family may not share your passion for deeply investigating the world of sleep and dreams, you will find people in Night Club from all over the world that do.

While they may live 3000 miles from you, in Night Club, you’ll find other dream enthusiasts who are experiencing similar things, asking the same questions, facing the same challenges as you are. If you’re into exploring the fascinating worlds of sleep and dreams, these are your people.

Share Your Experiences

The Night Club forum will provide you with a place to gather and make friends with like minded people. You’ll be able to ask questions, share your dreams, your successes and failures, and your aspirations.

Support Your Progress

Nighttime practices, such as lucid dreaming and dream yoga, are not easy. Being able to talk with dream friends will support your interest in these practices and help you stay motivated in your journey. Having a community where you can reach out and ask for help is integral to success in these subtle practices. You’ll also be able to freely share your own recommendations and advice.

Collaborate to Improve What You Get from Nightclub

The development of Night Club will be an interactive process that continually evolves the user experience based upon member feedback and areas of interest.

In addition to Andrew developing and curating resources and helpful content, the most powerful value of Night Club will come through the interaction and feedback from community members.

    Andrew's Latest Writing

    Members will have exclusive access to Andrew’s latest writings, and the opportunity to help him with insight, feedback, and inspiration as he writes future articles and books. For example, “Here’s the next chapter from my latest book. What do you think?” If there’s a resource or teacher you think he should look into, you’ll have the chance to let him know. His last book, Dream Yoga; Illuminating Your Life Through Lucid Dreaming and the Tibetan Yogas of Sleep was just the first of four books he is working on. The second one, The Seduction of Being; Dream Yoga and the Path of Illusion was just sent to his publisher. The third one is tentatively called, The Lost Temple of Sleep; Integral Dream Yoga and the Path of Awakening, and the fourth one being drafted has the working title, Dreams of Light: The Art of Lucid Dreaming. He looks forward to your interaction as these are created.

    Book, Article and Video Reviews

    Lucid dreaming, dream yoga, and the science of sleep are getting more attention every week, with a flurry of articles, scientific papers, books, and videos appearing constantly. For example, The Sleep Revolution, by Arianna Huffington, and Why We Sleep, by Matthew Walker are two recent bestsellers. Andrew will review these publications and offer his recommendations, and post links to the latest material whenever possible.

    The Latest News

    Members will have access to the latest articles, studies, posts, and any other breaking information from experts around the world. This will serve as an electronic library, or resource center, culled from our own web searches and those offered collectively by members. Members can offer their recommendations on the community page, and we will monitor those offerings and add them in this Latest News resource center.  Click here to read Latest News

    Daily Whispers of Wisdom

    Members of Night Club will receive a daily offering from Andrew and other experts in the field. These will come in the form of inspirational excerpts from books, articles, studies and podcasts that are a few sentences in length. To paraphrase the scholar Huston Smith, the path of awakening/lucidity, “is to transform flashes of illumination into abiding light.” Each morning a flash from some luminary will appear in your mailbox, lighting up your day. This will be an optional benefit. You have to sign up to receive these Whispers — we don’t want to be obtrusive. Click here to sign up.

    Night School

    In addition to the important social aspects, Night Club also doubles as a “Night School,”
    with six main classes of study in its curriculum.

    Science and Medicine

    Dream Yoga

    Daytime Practices

    Sleep Yoga

    Lucid Dreaming

    Bardo Yoga

    About Andrew Holecek

    Andrew has been working with the nocturnal meditations for over forty years, and teaching them internationally for over ten years. He has studied directly with the greatest living masters of dream yoga in India and Nepal, and refined his practice of the nocturnal meditations while in the traditional three-year Buddhist meditation retreat.

    Known as an expert on lucid dreaming and the Tibetan yogas of sleep and dream, Andrew is an experienced guide for students drawn to these powerful nocturnal practices.
    More about Andrew…

    What People Are Saying
    Read more

    Andrew Holecek is the best lucid dreaming teacher in the West. His teaching on this fascinating and important topic is clear, contextual, relevant, practical, engaging, and comprehensive. He is the only lucid dreaming teacher whose teaching spans both secular and religious origins of the practice, and with students, he is respectful, encouraging, and cheerful.

    Chris Thatcher - Acting Coach, Somatic Psychotherapist

    Andrew’s Lucid Dreaming and Dream Yoga program was fantastic. He interweaves traditional dream yoga practices and perspectives with modern Western lucid dreaming methods and techniques, not simply as some intellectual endeavor to bridge East and West but as a pragmatic approach to lucid dreaming and spirituality that focuses on what works.

    Jay Mutzafi – Host of the Lucid Dreaming Podcast

    Andrew is a rare gem as a Western teacher. With dedication to the integrity of the material, he shares the benefit of a lifetime of committed study with clarity, enthusiasm, and warmth: a natural born teacher. Time spent with Andrew always reignites my own passion and enthusiasm for both practice and study. His programs on these nocturnal practices are a real gift.

    David Tillinghast – ArtCenter College of Design, Pasadena

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