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second Saturday of each month at 11:00 AM MT (1:00 PM ET)

Welcome to Lucidity Induction Group

Greetings fellow dreamers, we are Chelsea, Bodi, & Katie.  Independently lucid dreamers since early on in our lives, we formed a dream circle in 2019 and have been practicing lucid dreaming and dream yoga together ever since. We are offering a monthly Lucidity Induction Group to support greater lucidity in dreams and waking life.

Each month, we will share lucidity induction techniques and invite participants to practice the methods until the group meets again. By practicing together, the three of us have experienced significantly enhanced lucidity and we hope to inspire this effect within the Night Club Community. For those of you who resonate with this offering, we look forward to expanding our lucidity together.

Meet your facilitators

Chelsea Waves

Some of Chelsea’s first memories are swimming through water for long periods with sea creatures in her dreams. In early childhood, the dream world became a place of imagination, reprieve, and joy for Chelsea. Each night, she intentionally returned to the dream worlds she formed to continue a storyline, visit with a friend, or be cradled by the waves of the ocean. Being mindful of not sharing this secret world with others, she recognized in her late twenties that what she had been cultivating was called lucid dreaming and that there was a deeper pool to discover, that of the practice of Dream Yoga. Since 2019, she has been studying with Andrew Holecek and Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche with support and guidance from her Dream Circle companions, Bodi Mack & Katie Love. As a devoted practitioner of Dream Yoga and Bardo Yoga, she has experienced the great benefits of the preliminary practice of lucid dreaming in her daily life and in preparation for death. She finds great joy in spiritual community practice and being of service to others.

Bodi Mack

Born in the year 1569, Bodi has managed to evade death at many turns thanks to the teachings of Dream Yoga that he learned as an orphan boy raised in a monastery. Now at the age of 454 Bodi is finally willing to share a few of the secrets….. Ok, just kidding. Actually I started dream journaling and lucid dreaming in the early 1980s. Then life got crazy raising a family of children and I slacked. When I met Katie in 2015 my lucid dreaming practice was reawakened as we began to share our dreams, study, and practice together. In 2019, Katie, Chelsea and I formed a Dream Circle, and Katie and I attended our first Dream Yoga retreat with Andrew Holecek at a spiritual retreat center in Northern Colorado. My practice has been greatly inspired by the teachings of Andrew Holecek & Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. Being in a dream-focused group has helped me stay committed to the Dream Yoga practice.

Katie Love

Katie has been lucid dreaming since childhood. Her father, a lucid dreamer himself, encouraged her to talk about her dreams and celebrated when she would have a lucid one. In her early twenties, she had a series of spiritually profound and fear-provoking experiences in her lucid dreams, which led her to seek out resources for greater understanding. She began diving into readings, contemplation, and discussion with other lucid dreamers. In her mid-twenties, a friend gifted her the book The Tibetan Yogas of Dream & Sleep by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. This book became her beloved scripture as she initiated her immersion into the deep wisdom pools of Tibetan Dream Yoga. In her early thirties, she formed a Dream Circle with her two faithful lucid dreaming comrades, Bodi Mack & Chelsea Waves. They began attending retreats and teachings with Andrew Holecek & Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. Today, Katie is a devoted Dream Yoga practitioner. It is her primary spiritual practice, and one of her greatest joys in life. She is honored to be able to share her experiences for the benefit of others.

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Lucidity induction refers to the process of intentionally inducing a state of lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is a state in which the dreamer becomes aware that they are dreaming and may have some degree of control over their dream experiences. Lucid dreams can be vivid and immersive, and individuals may use various techniques to increase their chances of achieving lucidity during their dreams.

There are several methods and practices that people use for lucidity induction. That’s where the Night Club Lucidity Group come in…

The content of these Lucidity Induction sessions is an offering of the Night Club online community website and is intended for community building and exploring lucid dream induction techniques. It is not therapy, and the facilitators of these sessions are not therapists, so nothing said during the sessions is meant to replace instructions a professional therapist gives. Participating in these sessions with the main facilitators does not constitute a therapeutic relationship. The content discussed in these sessions is not meant to be medical advice. Please consult your primary care physician, therapist, or another mental health professional for individualized medical advice.

About doing the call:

  • Join using Zoom.
  • You can participate with your video on or off, it’s your choice.
  • Call from a private, quiet place with a reliable Wi-Fi connection.
  • Use headphones with a built-in microphone.
  • Limit outside distractions (from housemates, pets, etc.)
  • Take a look in the mirror before the meeting begins.
  • Turn-off or close down any beeping applications on your smartphone/computer.
  • Please, don’t eat during the call.
  • If you are using video, light the front of your face – not the back.
  • Enjoy!

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