Meditation Group – Session [ #40 ] – with Jeffrey Stevens

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This evening with Jeffrey began with an open Q&A, and ended with a short guided meditation. Topics included: (1) What is lucidity? Lucidity appears both in our waking and dreaming experiences. Lucidity is similar to another currently popular idea, metacognition. Eventually, lucidity can demonstrate to us that the experience of self is not different from the experience of a thought. (2) Companionship. Relationships with teachers, guides, and fellow practitioners. Meditation instruction has always been an exchange between living people, not something mined from books. The importance of dialogue in steering our path. Importance and role of having a community of meditators on the same path as oneself. (3) The “I Am” of some traditions, and how that relates to stability, awareness, and lucidity of Buddhist practice. Reference to book, The Mind Illuminated. The guided meditation explored what awareness sees, what the difference is between mind and awareness, and how relaxation can be an entry point for stability practice.