Night Club v.3.0 is how we internally talk about the progressions of Night Club and a sort-of milestone marker of changes and upgrades to the Night Club offerings. When Night Club first launched in January, 2019 the 4 main offerings were Community, Night School, Webinars and Interviews, and the only way to access Night Club was through a premium membership option. We call this NC v.1.0. In March of 2020 we launched NC v.2.0 which added Virtual Hangouts, Dream Sharing Group, and a host of new membership options, including a free membership, which allowed us to grow to the 3,000+ member-community we are today.

Now in April, 2021 we launch NC v.3.0 which includes a revamped website, improved user experience, and a host of new offerings including the Meditation Group, Book Study Group and more.

We’re excited to outline and elaborate on some of the recent upgrades and changes made to the Night Club website and how it may affect your user experience moving forward.



Night Club v.3.0 brings some big updates to the Night Club membership offerings. Starting with the cessation of the Silver and Gold membership offerings. While these membership options gave members access to premium content at lower price-points, they were seldom used – and no longer fit with our future vision of The Club. Current Silver + Gold members will remain active members and your subscriptions will be unaffected by these changes. If you pause your membership, you will be able to resume it, but if you stop your subscription at anytime, you will no longer be able to access this membership.

We are moving forward in v.3.0 with two membership options, Free and Premium (formerly Emerald). Starting on May 4th, 2021 Night Club will increase the price of the premium membership to $29.99/monthly and $249/yearly. These changes will not impact current Premium (Emerald) members who will be grandfathered in at our “charter” rates for as long as your subscription remains active.

We believe that the current offerings on Night Club v.3.0 reflect this increase in membership-value. Furthermore, the increase in membership fees will help us to grow and to continue to improve the efficacy and quality of our offerings for all members.

A final note on membership changes… we will no longer be including the Foundations of Lucid Dreaming – Academy course for free to Premium (Emerald) subscribers. There were several technical and logisical reasons that this became a problem for us to keep executing (manually) as membership continues to grow. We also are excited to continue building out the Night Club offerings without overlapping into Andrew’s other offerings (outside of Night Club). We do intend on providing Premium (and free) members with exlusive discounts to all of Andrew’s offerings… so stay tuned!


We redesigned the Night Club homepage from the ground up to incorporate our new offerings and changes.

Join Page

We updated the Night Club join page (aka sales page) to reflect all the new changes with the NC v.3.0 upgrades. The new Join Page highlights the many benefits of becoming a Night Club member and presents the perks of joining!

My Dashboard

One of the primary goals of the NC v.3.0 upgrade was to improve the user experience for our current members. With a rapidly growing archive of content we had to re-imagine our strategy for delivering that content. For starters, members will notice that they no longer are redirect to the Community after login. This was a major change to how users move within the NC ecosystem. We then built the NC My Dashboard page from scratch – incorporating many of the new features of the NC v.3.0 upgrade – and giving members a new home-base from where to navigate the growing list of offerings.


It became clear with the evolution of Night Club that one way we intended to build community is through a consistent slate of live (online) offerings. Depending on your membership level you may now enjoy anywhere between 2-6 live offerings per week and on a consistent basis. This is pretty awesome and yet, it’s only the beginning. We are excited to continue improving our schedule of live events and offerings to the community!

With NC v.3.0 we integrated a new calendar system into our website + now send a weekly [SCHEDULE] email with the events list for the week. Members can enjoy the new Calendar features directly from the Events tab on the main-menu and also from the new My Dashboard.

Course Management System

One of the original charters of Night Club was the offering of Night School (included in v.1.0). Taking literally the idea of “school”, we had the vision of organizing all of the Night Club content in a different “course-like” formats, allowing members to more efficiently and assuredly navigate our offerings. NC v.3.0 utilizes LearnDash software-technology, which provides an enhanced distraction-free viewing-mode and the ability to mark a post as complete.


New colors, fonts, and logos. We’ll soon be adding an assets page for sharing our updated looks! 🙂