[#1] The Practice Of Shamatha – with Andrew Holecek

Session One: In this inaugural session Andrew shares the vision behind the meditation gatherings, and why meditation is so central to the journey of awakening, or lucidity in its deepest sense. He reviews the three wisdom tools (three prajnas) of hearing, contemplating, and meditating, and how they act as a filtration and purification system leading to the literal incorporation (embodiment) of the teachings. The daily meditations allow us to “become familiar with” (the very definition of meditation, or gom, in Tibetan) subtle levels of mind during the day, so that we can recognize them at night. Andrew shares his story about three-year retreat, and how that was like meditation university, where dozens of practices were presented. He then gives a brief overview of some of the many meditations that will be offered in the coming weeks. The bulk of the session is a detailed instruction on the practice of shamatha, or “tranquility, peace” which is the platform practice to all future meditations. A rich period of discussion follows the practice session.

Follow along with the live transcript → Meditation Group – Session #1