Dream Yoga

Buddhism, Taoism, and Hinduism have much to contribute at the level of dream yoga. This track will explore the similarities and differences between lucid dreaming and dream yoga, and how dream yoga transcends but includes lucid dreaming. It will also unpack the stages of this more subtle practice, and how you can use your dreams as a personal laboratory to explore the nature of mind and reality. For those with spiritual aspirations, dream yoga is a complete path to enlightenment, and our first deeper dive into the nocturnal meditations.

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What Got Me Into Dream Yoga – Part Two

My deepest immersion was during an intensive three-year meditation retreat, a classical training in Tibetan Buddhism. I had the tremendous opportunity to spend months solely focused on dream yoga and its daily counterpart, the practice of illusory form.

What Got Me Into Dream Yoga – Part One

I’m often asked what got me into dream yoga? For me, the journey into these incredible nighttime practices started nearly forty years ago and I have been exploring them ever since.

Beginning Stages of Dream Yoga

Let’s discuss dream yoga and its stages. The idea here is that once we’re in a lucid dream, what do we do? What is it that differentiates lucid dreaming from dream yoga? What’s the actual nighttime practice of dream yoga? What are the stages? So the following list I’m going to offer for you, it’s my own list.

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