The Power of Perspective with Astronaut Ron Garan

Join the astronaut, author, and humanitarian Ron Garan for an out of this world discussion about the power of perspective. We show clips of Ron’s remarkable life as a fighter pilot and International Space Station inhabitant, and then turn to the power of the “overview effect,” and its implementation as orbital perspective. Andrew ties this into the lucidity principle, and how evolution itself is defined by increased perspectives. From ego-centric to tribe-centric to world-centric to cosmo-centric – from ego to eco — we evolve as we continue to open to new views on reality (a notion deeply connected to meditation as “habituation to openness”). Ron shares how Plato’s Allegory of the Cave is central to his life, and how his many months in space have inspired him to now spend his life helping others, and the planet. The discussion turns to fear, and how to work with it; how darkness is often the source of growth; the relationship of outer space to the inner space of the mind; the role of witness awareness; and how the film technique of dolly zooming is a powerful metaphor for holding multiple perspectives. We are at an inflection point in human history, and seeing what’s really going — what Buddhism calls Right View — is central to our survival. Ron’s view is inspirational, and completely resonant with the wisdom traditions: we have more power than we think, and with every thought, word, and deed, we can help this world. Ron is uniquely situated to talk about the power of right view, and how we are all crewmates on the spacecraft called Earth. 

Watch this clip of Ron reading excerpts from his latest book, “Floating in Darkness.”  

About Ron Garan

Ron Garan a decorated NASA astronaut, fighter pilot and test pilot, a humanitarian, author, and a social entrepreneur.

Ron has spent 178 days in space and has traveled more than 71 million miles during 2,842 orbits of our planet. He flew on both the US space shuttle and the Russian Soyuz spacecraft, where he accomplished four spacewalks. Ron also spent eighteen days at the bottom of the ocean during a research mission held in the world’s only undersea research lab, Aquarius. Ron was assigned to the US Agency for International Development, leading the Unity Node project. The project’s task was to develop a universal, open-source platform, enabling humanitarian organizations to work toward mutual goals. In 2007, Ron co-founded Manna Energy Limited. Created with the goal of leveraging the carbon market to finance humanitarian projects, Manna is the first organization in the world to register a United Nations Clean Development Mechanism carbon credit program for water treatment.

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