Interview Series

Andrew will be tapping into the many connections he has made around the world with spiritual teachers, scientists, scholars, and experts to offer you the latest from leaders in lucid dreaming and the study of mind.

Join the artist/scientist and elite lucid dreamer Fariba Bogzaran in a rigorous and heartwarming exploration of the wonders of the nocturnal mind. Dr. Bogzaran shares her unique clinical work with dreaming, and the importance of “unfolding” instead of interpreting our dreams. “Dreaming is the art of the mind,” she asserts, and working properly with a single dream as a dream artist can take up to a year as we examine it from multiple angles. How do we identify the “big dreams,” and which dreams can we ignore? Why is dream journaling so important? Fariba describes Integral Dreaming and the power of Integral Dream Practice. Where do synchronicities and flow states fit in, and what is the difference between reflexive and reflective approaches to dreams? Where does bodywork, and “felt sense” come into play? Can we let our body interpret/unfold our dreams? Fariba discusses why motivation is so important in lucid dreaming, and how we are each “projects in the making.” What is epistemic uncertainty, and how can we enter the “zone” of life with a deeper understanding of will and Will. Fariba shares a number of personal reflections about life, death, dreams, and everything in between. Discover why she is one of the treasured voices in the dream world, and a major contributor to the art and science of lucid dreaming.

Below is a list of guests that Andrew has interviewed, with many more to come:

  • Krishna Das, world-renowned Kirtan musician.
  • Antoine Lutz, Phd, neuroscientist and meditator.
  • Robert Waggoner, lucid dreaming expert and author.
  • Sharon Salzberg, author on meditation.
  • Amanda Morley, nutritionist, yoga instructor, breath specialist.
  • Ken Wilber, founder of Integral Theory.
  • Stephen LaBerge, Phd, author and esteemed researcher.
  • Evan Thompson, Phd, author and celebrated philosopher.
  • Bob Thurman, Phd, professor and gifted scholar on Tibetan Buddhism.
  • B Alan Wallace, Phd, author and expert on Tibetan Buddhism and science.
  • Judson Brewer, MD, Phd, neuroscientist, author and expert on addiction.
  • Charlie Morley, author and lucid dreaming expert.
  • Richard Miller, Phd, world-renowned spiritual teacher, author and clinical psychologist.
  • Kristen LaMarca, Phd, psychologist and lucid dreaming researcher.
  • James Kingsland, science journalist and author of Siddhartha’s Brain.
  • Jordan Quaglia, Phd, cognitive neuroscientist and researcher in virtual reality.
  • Clare Johnson, Phd, dream researcher and author.
  • Roger Walsh, MD, Phd, leading Integral thinker, professor, author.
  • Tucker Peck, Phd, sleep disorder specialist.
  • Ron Garan, astronaut and author.
  • Ian Baker, Phd, anthropologist, explorer, and author.
  • Ruben Laukkonen, Phd, neuroscientist and poet.
  • Kulreet Chaudary, MD, neurologist, Ayurvedic physician, and author.
  • Benjamin Baird, Phd, neuroscientist.
  • Ryan Hurd, dream researcher.
  • Zvi Ish-Shalom Phd, Jewish scholar and author.
  • Lama Surya Das, Buddhist scholar and author.
  • Nevin Arora, MD, sleep disorder specialist.
  • Jeff Warren, meditation instructor and author.
  • David Jay Brown, lucid dreaming author.
  • Jennifer Dumpert, liminal dreaming author.
  • Zachary Stein, Ed.D, philosopher and author.
  • Ben Williams, Phd, Sanskrit scholar and author.
  • David Loy, philosopher and author.
  • Courtney Sheehan and Laurie Polisky, film makers.
  • Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel, Buddhist author.
  • Daniel Love, lucid dreaming author.
  • Dustin DiPerna, Integral theorist and author.
  • Christopher Wallis, Phd, Sanskrit scholar and author.
  • Fr. Francis Tiso, Phd, Christian/Buddhist scholar and author.
  • Antoine Lutz, Phd, neuroscientist.
  • Fariba Bogzaran, Phd, artist/scientist and author.
  • Yusuf al-Hurr, Phd, Islamic scholar and author.

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Lama Palden Drolma on the Transplantation of Buddhism to the West

Ryan Hurd on the Importance of Ritual Practice Around Dreams and the Magic of Liminal Objects

Join dream researcher Ryan Hurd in a deep exploration of the Talisman principle, the importance of ritual practice around dreams, and the magic of liminal objects. Where do these objects come from, how do you activate them, and how do you use them for nocturnal and diurnal lucidity? Ryan shares the scope, depth, and applicability of the Talisman.

A Deep Exploration of Yoga Nidra (“Yoga sleep”) with Michele Loew

Join Michele Loew in a deep exploration of Yoga Nidra (“Yoga sleep”) from a dedicated yogini’s point of view, and discover its multilayered application to physical, psychological, and spiritual wellbeing. How does Yoga Nidra relate to the koshas (“sheaths, casings”), and where does it transition from bandwidths associated with liminal dreaming all the way to luminosity yoga, or sleep yoga, in the Tibetan tradition? Michele shares a number of powerful personal stories, revealing the transformative healing effects of Yoga Nidra in her own life.

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