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Weekly Book Study Group

This will be an interactive, fun, yet rigorous look into the illusory nature of reality, how lucid dreaming and the daytime practice of illusory form lead you to that view, and why this is so important.

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Session One: In this inaugural session Andrew introduces us to the Book Study Group and his book “Dreams of Light”.

Next books on the reading list…

A look ahead at some of the other books we’ll be reading together.

These weekly gatherings are free to Premium members of Night Club. For others who wish to join this event, the cost is less than $3.00 dollar per session.

I have not done this sort of thing before (although I have attended book study groups with other authors in similar ventures), so there may be a brief learning curve. The idea is to read the book together, with spontaneous commentary as we go along. When we finish reading this book, we’ll get started on the next one!

There will be plenty of time for Q and A at the end, and you can always submit your questions in advance to me.

From my end, I can’t wait to go through the book with my friends, and hear what you have to say about it.

Currently Reading…

A Walk in the Wood: Meditations on Mindfulness with a Bear Named Pooh offers life lessons grounded in the simple act of slowing down, observing what is around us, and being present in our lives moment by moment.

The benefits of mindfulness are well recognized: greater peace of mind, less stress, and the opportunity to work through and transform thoughts, memories, and worries. It also fosters equanimity, helping us accept the changes and challenges life brings.

In our frantic world, who better to guide readers through this transformative practice than a long-beloved bear who has perfected the art of simply being? “Just two things to do to truly be Pooh–just be present and kind,” he says.

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A Walk in the Wood [#5] – 6/8/2021

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What Our Members Have to Say

Feedback submitted anonymously

"I so much appreciate this offering and Night Club as a kind of 'meeting place' for us who are seriously interested in night time practices. I also appreciate how well you are moderating the live calls and how organized they are, while at the same time they remain so relaxed and fun to be in/with. I'm thankful that you also provide the recordings (for those of us in different time zones). This simply is such a good combination of things."

"I am enjoying Andrew's teaching style and information very much. He's the first western teacher I've really felt like I connected to, and it's great that he has such a deep pool of resources for me to check out."

"Night Club has been one of the best benefits of living with the pandemic"

"Thanks very much for the Thursday group and for having it available at no cost. That makes a difference to me right now. I have enjoyed many of Andrew's books and retreats am very happy to have this opportunity to tap into his immense knowledge and wisdom."

"I’m so grateful to have found this community and I have learned and grown so much as a result."

"Since joining Night Club, I have connected with several other experts on lucid dreaming, like Clare Johnson, Jennifer Dumpert, Charlie Morley, and Daniel Love, just to name a few. I love learning from so many outstanding teachers. It helps me stay interested in lucid dreaming and keeps my practice fresh. Thank you."

"I hope Andrew does book readings of all his books because going through the book with him is so helpful because it is so dense that I know I would not even get a quarter of what I’m getting with him by doing it alone."

"I love being connected to this group. I feel nowhere in the world are ordinary people getting what we are getting. Such rich and seemingly infinite source of Dharma."

"I wanted to communicate with other people about Lucid Dreaming and growing awareness, and there you created the space, thank you."

"Thank you. Andrew you are really helping me with my path. When I listen to you, I would like to sit on a cushion for the rest of my life..."

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Night Club is a groundbreaking venture. Its mission is to establish and nurture an international community of students and teachers who have an interest in these extraordinary practices.

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Andrew has been studying and practicing meditation and the nocturnal practices of lucid dreaming and dream yoga for over 40 years, and teaching them internationally for over 10 years.