Q+A w/Andrew | 95 | July 13th, 2023

Submitted questions:

* Should death be feared?

* What are the karma results of dying by stopping water and food? I have a friend that is planning this who has Alzheimer’s disease.

* Is lucid dreaming happening ‘within human mind’? If someone manage to transform him/herself into a butterfly for example, would the person be able to see perceptions as a butterfly or would him see perceptions as human being with a body of a butterfly?
Regarding lucidity in deep dream (clear light), does it happen withing a human-being mind or is it in a subtler form of mind which is beyond human?

* Is the 49 day rule for reincarnation set in stone for all Buddhists, or can souls reincarnate before or after that period? How was it determined? I heard of a Monk who was such pure spirit that his soul reincarnated into 5 people at the same time, is it theoretically possible to reincarnate as more than 5 people, like 100, or 1000, or even as all humanity at once? Is death kind of like the latter renicarnation, but way bigger, a reincarnation into infinite spirit, or the vast “entropic soup” that can connect to all living beings? Is this how dead Monks are able to give teachings in dreams?