Q+A w/Andrew | 101 | November 16th, 2023

Submitted Questions:

  • Did you ever receive a musical composition in your dreams? If so, would you play for us?
  • In the last Q&A you mentioned that there are 9 stages of Dream Yoga. Where can I learn more about them

  • I had an experience of the beginning of a lucid dream where a white heron was flying in a clear sky.. but suddenly I realized ‘I’ couldn’t find myself within the dream. There was no me! There was an object without a subject.. Got confused and couldn’t sustain the dream.  Could you please advice what to do if this happens again? Any help would be really appreciated.
  • I would be really grateful if you could talk a bit about the relationship of the biological tissue of our physical brain/nervous system and the vast unborn, uncreated awareness that seems so much greater. 
  • In your book ‘Dream Yoga’ you talk about connecting with the subtle body through the practice of inner yogas. You mention Vajrayogini and Tummo. Can you provide a good resource (book / website, etc.) where someone could start to learn and explore a practice in the inner yogas?