Q+A w/Andrew | 100 | November 3rd, 2023

Submitted Questions:

  • What is it that these awakened beings see when they ‘sleep’? Can they still get precognitive dreams, or glimpses of the future, or glimpses of the past? Can they meet with dead beings and teachers in their dreams and receive teachings? In their sleep, can they give teachings to people who are dreaming? 
  • What is your perspective on astral projection? Is it the same as lucid dreaming? If not, how it differs?
    I’ve heard some people say that astral projection is in a higher degree of consciousness than a lucid dream. In such a scale, we’d have non-lucid dreams, then lucid dreams and then astral projection in that order. Would you agree with that?
    The other question is on the nature of reality, more specifically on the continuity of consciousness. In my experience, my observation of how I perceive everything, I notice a discontinuity on the stream of perception, if that make sense. It’s as if the stream of consciousness was more like a frame-like river, than a continuous river. I perceive something (a smell, a thought, a vision) and then I perceive something else, I find there are gaps in between. That makes me think that consciousness is a discontinuous flow. Are these gaps what we call ignorance?
    Now, I also realize that there’s something perceiving those gaps so THAT must be continuous. I guess you’d call that awareness, is that right?

  • My dreams are all appearing in a sort of darkness and I don’t exist as a separate consciousness but just as an observing consciousness or ‘point of view’ with no separate dream body. I wake up with a heavy feeling.
    Once I am dreaming lucidly – which did not happen yet – how could I understand the darkness?