Meditation Group [ 138 ] – with Joe Parent

**Andrew started the meeting by answering a live question and then we start the recording in the middle of that question when Dr. Ed arrives.

Submitted Questions:

  • Can you tell more about the sleep stages: alpha, beta, gamma and delta? What is the REM sleep? Which role plays the amygdala in dreaming?

  • I may not be able to make the live webinar but I will listen to the recording/(read) transcript. Are any of the tech devices from this article worth getting? Thanks in advance. 8 Tech Tools Designed to Deepen Your Sleep: Devices and apps use sensors and more to help usher you to slumberland and monitor your z’s by Edward C. Baig, AARP, May 11, 2021 – 8 Tech Tools Designed to Help Deepen Your Sleep

  • Hi Dr O’Malley. I really enjoyed session #1. My question is this: when trying to do dream yoga work, resting my mind on ANYTHING in bed or before getting into bed(visualizations, mantra, even prayers for recalling dreams or asking for help in attaining lucidity) will simply wake me up. These things make me extremely calm: not nervous, tense, fearful but not at all sleepy. This often lasts literally all night long–no sleep at all– a state I cannot change through meditation, study, exercise, reading etc., etc. I have investigated and worked with the “caboose” of possible fear of dissolution, as Andrew calls it, for quite some time. Still no improvement. This state of affairs makes me more than somewhat loath to do dream yoga practice, even though it feels like the most necessary (and exciting) next step in my practice. Any suggestions from the sleep Doctor side of things? Thank you so much!

  • Do you think magnesium supplements are a good sleep aid ? They are of reported benefit for anxiety and relaxation.

  • Hi Dr Ed, Someone I know has a strong family background of insomnia and is also dealing with chronic back pain. She says she is exhausted and does not know what to do. Do you have any suggestions for her situation?

  • Can you give a good estimate of how much time is good for REM and deep sleep? Also how about HRV scores?