Meditation Group [ 136 ] – with Andrew Holecek

In this session Andrew emphasizes the importance of short sessions repeated often, and guides us through the “one-breath meditation session.” Taking “sips of space” throughout the day helps us ventilate our lives, and replaces habitual reactivity (that creates karma) with conscious response-ability (which does not).  He reviews the importance of mantras as vehicles to protect the mind and heart: from distraction, from ordinary appearances, and from closing down. We can insert a mantra every time we feel the impulse to grasp after something (our phone, tablet, laptop), or every time we hear about a death, or every time we see a dead animal. We practiced the “mani mantra,” and briefly introduce the Pure Land mantra of Amitabha, Om Ami Dewa Hrih. While longer meditations are indeed helpful, do not dismiss the power and applicability of meditative sessions as short as one breath, or as short as a single mantra recitation.