Meditation Group [ 134 ] – with Andrew Holecek

In this session Andrew reviews the importance of meditation for lucidity, and emphasizes the fact that we’re always meditating. We unwittingly practice non-lucidity every time we capitulate to distraction, mindlessness, or forgetfulness.  That’s why we’re so good at having non lucid dreams. At a deeper level, Andrew discusses how we’ve accomplished samsara, because, once again, we practice samsara, or nonduality, all the time. This helps us understand the “forces of the dark side,” of the unconscious mind, and why it’s so hard to become lucid, and to attain enlightenment. The power of mantra is then emphasized, by reviewing the meaning of the dream yoga mantra, Om Ah Nu Ta Ra, and by introducing the mantra of compassion, Om Mani Padme Hum. This six syllable mantra blocks rebirth into the six realms, after death and during life. Mantra means “mind protection,” and in both Pali and Sanskrit, the same word, chitta, is used for both mind and heart. The “mani mantra” protects the heart from closing down, which happens all the time in the modern world of strife and war. How can we keep our hearts open and not burn out, not shut out the pain of the world?  Mantra is one key way.  We practiced both mantras, with additional commentary on their power.