Meditation Group [ 128 ] – with Jeffrey Stevens

Meditation leads to Samadhi. Real meditation does, at least. 

Samadhi is the unbroken flow of meditation, either within the mind, or within awareness. Samadhi is the precursor to transformative insight, and much of the instructional content of the great meditation traditions deal with how to establish samadhi. It takes some work, sure. But it’s worth it.
Samadhi is special because it’s the state of meditation in which insight can happen. Can insight happen outside of samadhi? Small insights, yes. Big insights? rarely. In fact, the insights we have outside of samadhi should be like appetizers to what insights will be possible when we take the time to develop samadhi. 
In this session we will talk about the two types of samadhi: the samadhi of the mind, and the samadhi beyond the mind (aka, samadhi of awareness.)
We begin with a meditation instruction that leads meditators down the path to samadhi of either type.