Meditation Group [ 120 ] – with Andrew Holecek

In this session Andrew talks about the power of “wind,” and its relationship to thought. In tantric language, “thought” is defined as “movement of mind,” driven by the subtle inner winds. When we fall asleep, drop into deep meditation, or die, we unwind, or un-wind. When we wake up, come out of deep meditation, or are reborn, we wind back up. Why are we so drawn to thoughts, to the movement of mind? We approach the answer from an integral perspective, and talk about consciousness as a motion detector. At biological levels, we need to pay attention to movement, as possible predator or prey. Our lives depend on it. This legacy continues at psycho-spiritual levels, as we now pay undue attention to the movement of mind, which feeds the arrested form of development we call ego. Our egoic life depends on it. Andrew offers a “breath-taking” guided meditation to help us discover the power of wind for ourselves.