| 110 | A Deep Dive Into Body Awareness – with Joe Parent

We put extra care and detail into posture and did a deep dive into body awareness, fully inhabiting our body from our toes to our head, synchronizing body and mind in the present moment. We did a body scan to clear tension, and settled the mind in the core of our being. We started with the internal sensation of the breath as the basis of mindfulness, with remedies for drowsiness or wild mind. Next we transitioned into less centralized awareness, going out with the breath to mix mind and space, feeling we are going out, opening, and resting in spaciousness. Then we imagined awareness as vast as the universe.  Alternating on the breath, we imagined that we could radiate happiness to others and ourselves, and absorb our own and others suffering, focusing particularly on working with difficult relationships, then expanding to all beings. We concluded the practice portion by dedicating the benefit of the session to all beings.