Ask the Sleep Doctor | #14 | May 18th, 2022

Pre submitted questions include:
Hi Dr Ed, really appreciate your informative sessions. Can you talk to us about light pollution, and how it adversely affects not just us, but the ecosystem?

My 12 yr old daughter has wigged out sleep patterns, and is often tired at school. What can I do to help her? Do the same sleep hygiene rules apply to kids?

I have some philosophical questions for Dr Ed: Does anybody know why we dream – what evolutionary purpose does it serve? And why do we forget our dreams so fast after awakening?

Dear Dr Ed, I’m not sure I understand polyphasic sleep? Is it the same as bi-phasic sleep?

Apart from sleeping in different rooms do you have any ideas about dealing with snoring?!
Also, I am having trouble breaking the habit of waking after five hours, being awake for a while, then listening to something and going back to sleep. Is it detrimental to health to do this?! Easting early does help but socially this is not always possible. Thanks.