| 117 | The Difference Between “Needing” and “Wanting” – with Joe Parent

We discussed the difference between “needing” and “wanting” in how we engage the world. We emphasized a special technique for working with posture, becoming grounded then uplifted from our heart center, opening our hearts into a posture of dignity. We practiced focused mindfulness, followed by the practice of mixing mind and space, feeling we are going out, opening, and resting in spaciousness. For our compassion practice, with began with the aspiration that all beings may enjoy happiness and the causes of happiness, and may be free from suffering and the causes of suffering. To do so, we wish to free all beings including ourselves, of the negative afflictive emotions like hatred and jealousy, pride and greed, intolerance and prejudice, that are the root cause of suffering. We concluded the practice portion by dedicating the benefit of the session to all beings.