Fear is such a central player in life and on the spiritual path. On covert and overt levels, fear rules our lives, and really comes into play when we explore the darkness of the nocturnal meditations – especially Bardo Yoga, the teachings around death.

Which is why I did this live webinar, “Everything You Need to Know to Transcend Fear”.

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Many people are afraid of the dark, where “darkness” is a code word for ignorance, or the unknown. And nothing is darker than death.

The key to transforming this enemy into an ally is an integral approach to fear, understanding its necessary role in biological evolution, and how misunderstanding it leads to spiritual devolution.

If you really want to grow psychologically and spiritually, follow your fear. “Fear” comes from a root that means “fare,” as in “toll.” When properly understood, fear is simply the fare that must be paid if we want to evolve.

This webinar will provide that understanding, and radically alter your relationship to this unavoidable lifetime partner.

Given the proper tools, we can transform the darkness of ignorance into the light of wisdom, and actually use fear to help us wake up.

List of Book Mentions

Here is the list of books (hope I remembered them all!) I referred to:

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