Live Public Webinar: How Sleep and Dreams Prepare You for Death

In this webinar, Andrew will introduce you to how how sleep and dreams prepare you for death. This is Bardo Yoga, which transcends but includes lucid dreaming, dream yoga, and even sleep yoga.

Bardo means “gap, transitional process, in between” and refers to the gap between any two states of consciousness, but particularly the big gap between lives.

Every night you “die” into formlessness only to be “reborn” into conscious form the next day. You are experiencing a mini-death every night – you just don’t know it.

In the bardos, mind becomes reality – just like in a dream. Any practice that allows you to become familiar with your mind will prepare you for death. The nocturnal practices are particularly applicable because they allow you to become familiar with very subtle dimensions of mind, the same dimensions that are revealed during death.

Any practice that allows you to become familiar with your mind will prepare you for death. Through the nighttime practices, we discover that whatever arises in the bardos is just the display of our mind. That recognition sets us free.

As Spongebob put it, “This isn’t your average everyday darkness — this is advanced darkness,” which requires the advanced lighting of bardo yoga. Join us in this webinar for a lively romp into death.

This webinar includes an interactive Q&A session.

*We apologize for anyone who experienced technical issues trying to access this Webinar. Andrew addresses the issues at the onset of the Webinar. Thank you for bearing with us! We plan to switch our Webinar host provider for future Webinars to prevent this type of issue from occurring again.

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