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Testimonials from Dream Yoga Programs:

Andrew Holecek is the best lucid dreaming teacher in the West. His teaching on this fascinating and important topic is clear, contextual, relevant, practical, engaging, and comprehensive. He is the only lucid dreaming teacher whose teaching spans both secular and religious origins of the practice, and with students, he is respectful, encouraging, and cheerful.


Chris Thatcher – Acting Coach / Somatic Psychotherapist / Attorney

Andrew’s Lucid Dreaming and Dream Yoga program was fantastic. He interweaves traditional dream yoga practices and perspectives with modern Western lucid dreaming methods and techniques, not simply as some intellectual endeavor to bridge East and West but as a pragmatic approach to lucid dreaming and spirituality that focuses on what works. He is a clear speaker who brings humor to what and how he teaches. Andrew covers the spectrum of practice and theory well, and makes it practical and useful. I cannot recommend it enough.

Jay Mutzafi – Host of the Lucid Dreaming Podcast

Andrew is a rare gem as a Western teacher. With dedication to the integrity of the material, he shares the benefit of a lifetime of committed study with clarity, enthusiasm, and warmth: a natural born teacher. His presentations on lucid dreaming and dream yoga are both accessible and exciting, offering profound insights for anyone committed to furthering familiarity with their own mind. Time spent with Andrew always reignites my own passion and enthusiasm for both practice and study. His programs on these nocturnal practices are a real gift.

David Tillinghast – Associate Professor and Director of Special Projects, ArtCenter College of Design, Pasadena, Ca

Andrew’s teachings on Lucid Dreaming and Dream Yoga are profound and transformational. As a teacher, he is engaging, generous, and fun. The topics he teaches have the potential to be esoteric and unapproachable, however he teaches in such a way that his students, no matter where they are on their path, are able to understand and apply his teachings to everyday life. Each time I complete one of Andrew’s programs, I feel that my entire practice and path have been enhanced and given a more expansive, deeper meaning. Dream Yoga is not to be missed!

Jennifer Wang – Los Angeles

Andrew’s depth of personal experience of the practices combined with his broad knowledge of the Buddhist teachings on dream yoga makes him particularly adept at guiding our journey into the dream world.  He is a playful wordsmith using catchy phrases and images that help students access and remember complex concepts.  His personal anecdotes make his teaching authentic and accessible. It was a joy to study the Dream Yoga teachings with Andrew.

Dr. Ina Robbins – Psychologist

I have been studying with Andrew Holecek for many years, focusing on advanced Buddhist practices such as dream yoga, the dying process, and the Six Yogas of Naropa. Andrew is my favorite Western dharma teacher due to his tremendous ability to synthesize the Eastern wisdom and practice tradition with modern Western science and psychology.  He presents his deep understanding in an accessible way that unlocks new levels of insight for me. He is able to present very advanced practices and topics in a way that is delightfully understandable because he has boiled down his extensive dharma practice and wide-ranging scholarship in the cauldron of personal experience. Out it comes with humor, clarity and insight, and this applies to both his books and personal presentations. I attend every single teaching of his that I can get to – he is that useful to me.

Lindsay Vinyard – CPA, Boulder, Colorado

The lucid dreaming and dream yoga seminar with Andrew Holecek is some of the deepest and most profound dream work I have ever experienced. I continue to learn more as I practice. I am in awe and most grateful of the results that can be achieved and felt in everyday life through dream yoga practices. Most of which have been self-empowerment, calm presence and a deeper sense awareness for all I experience. Andrew Holecek is a very gifted and wholehearted teacher and facilitator of dream yoga.

Jasmin Bloch – M.A., Psychological Counselor, Art Therapist & Teacher, Zurich, Switzerland

Andrew’s lucid dreaming teachings stretched my understanding and appreciation of the parallel streams of my “dream life” and “waking life” far beyond what I knew was possible. After weeks of focused practice in the techniques, and some normal frustration at the lack of progress, the lucidity in my dreams and waking life increased 10 fold. Andrew created a safe space for learning and sharing that was really beautiful.

Andrew is an intellect and a true scientist-practitioner. His vast depth of knowledge and experience with Eastern and Western philosophy and theology, Tibetan Buddhism, dream and sleep yoga, Western lucid dreaming traditions, and other scientific fields of study (physics, psychology, and neuroscience) is so profound and rich that “taking it all in” could be intimidating to the new learner. However, Andrew is so playful as he articulates the information, and shares such passion, clarity, humor, and curiosity that all kinds of people are included and welcomed to take the journey together. Students and teacher were often laughing along the way.

I feel so blessed to have Andrew introduce me to the many phases and stages of lucid dreaming, a practice I will be exploring for the rest of my life.

M. Fitzgerald, Ph.D. – Clinical psychologist and researcher