Night School

In addition to the important social aspects, Night Club also doubles as a “Night School,” with six main classes of study in its curriculum.

Science and Medicine

People don’t realize how critical sleep is, so the science of sleep and dream will provide an ongoing stream of material on sleep disorders, the latest science and medical breakthroughs, and where you can go to get help if you have trouble sleeping.

Daytime Practices

Lucid dreaming is full of potential and promise, but reaching lucidity is not easy. This track explores reasons for that difficulty, introducing the magical practice of Illusory Form – to work with the principles of lucidity by day, and prepare the ground for lucidity at night.

Lucid Dreaming

Unpack all the aspects of lucid dreaming: how to induce lucid dreams; the latest studies and research; the herbs and supplements that support lucidity; the gadgets and apps that “electrify” your dreams. Lucid dreaming is about self-fulfillment.

Dream Yoga

You can progress into dream yoga, which is when the journey becomes more spiritual. A number of wisdom traditions have much to contribute at this level. While lucid dreaming is about self-fulfillment, dream yoga is mostly about self-transcendence.

Sleep Yoga

Sleep yoga is when one works to attain lucidity in deep dreamless (formless) sleep. Being so subtle, it’s more advanced. Sleep yoga is like graduate school. But with the proper daily practices, waking up in deep dreamless sleep becomes more accessible.

Bardo Yoga

Bardo yoga is when sleep and dream are used to prepare for death. This is the most esoteric and advanced track, and may not be for everybody. But if preparing for what the Tibetans call “the dream at the end of time,” bardo yoga is for you.

Participation in Night School is included with your membership to Night Club