Night Club Community

Knowing that you are not alone in the solitary adventure of the nocturnal practices is a major benefit of joining Night Club. While your immediate friends and family may not share your passion for deeply investigating the world of sleep and dreams, you will find people in Night Club from all over the world that do.

While they may live 3000 miles from you, in Night Club, you’ll find other dream enthusiasts who are experiencing similar things, asking the same questions, facing the same challenges as you are. If you’re into exploring the fascinating worlds of sleep and dreams, these are your people.

Share Your Experiences

The Night Club Community will provide you with a place to gather and make friends with like minded people. You’ll be able to ask questions, share your dreams, your successes and failures, and your aspirations.

Support Your Progress

Nighttime practices, such as lucid dreaming and dream yoga, are not easy. Being able to talk with dream friends will support your interest in these practices and help you stay motivated in your journey. Having a community where you can reach out and ask for help is integral to success in these subtle practices. You’ll also be able to freely share your own recommendations and advice.

Collaborate to Improve What You Get from Nightclub

The development of Night Club will be an interactive process that continually evolves the user experience based upon member feedback and areas of interest.

In addition to Andrew developing and curating resources and helpful content, the most powerful value of Night Club will come through the interaction and feedback from community members.

Connect, Share, Dream and Discover.