Guest Interviews

Upcoming Guest Interviews

The following luminaries have committed to doing interviews with Andrew over the next few months, so stay tuned for these stimulating conversations with leading experts — with many more guests to come.

  • Richard Miller, Phd, world-renowned spiritual teacher, author and clinical psychologist.
  • Kristen LaMarca, Phd, psychologist and lucid dreaming researcher.
  • James Kingsland, science journalist and author of Siddhartha’s Brain.
  • Patricia Garfield, pioneer in the world of lucid dreaming and author of many books on dreams.
  • Jordan Quaglia, Phd, cognitive neuroscientist and researcher in virtual reality.
  • B. Alan Wallace, Phd, author or editor of some 40 books, expert in dream yoga.
  • Reggie Ray, Phd, professor, author, and scholar of Buddhism.
  • Clare Johnson, Phd, dream researcher and author.
  • Roger Walsh, MD, Phd, leading Integral thinker, professor, author.
  • Evan Thompson, Phd, philosophy professor and author.

Andrew will also connect you with other courses, books, and teachers that can augment and support your ongoing journey. Night Club will serve as an international hub of “nightlife” connecting students and teachers around the globe.

Interview Archives

You will find all interviews here, check back regularly and watch your email for the latest.

Lucid Dream Nightmare Therapy, Sleep State Misperception, Imagery Rehearsal Therapy, and Much More! | Interview with Kristen LaMarca, Phd

Join Andrew as he talks to the psychologist and lucid dream therapist Kristen LaMarca as they explore a host of fascinating topics that include: lucid dream nightmare therapy, sleep state misperception, imagery rehearsal therapy, PTSD, alternative world syndrome, the importance of proper “holding environments,” and the type of person who is amenable to these unique forms of dream therapy.

What it is like to “wake up.” What being fully realized has to include. Plus the “trap” to unsuspecting practitioners. | Ken Wilber Interview – Part 2

In part two of my interview with Ken Wilber we return to his personal journey, emphasizing the place of the nocturnal meditations on his path. We then discuss the irreducible instruction on the spiritual path (and the little known secret to attaining lucidity), and the affective or emotional aspect of what it is like to “wake up.”