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Community Shares

We launched the Community Shares initiative to give some of the more active and experienced members of Night Club a bigger voice. The platform will give members the space to talk about anything they feel passionate about in the world of sleep and dream.

Presenters will have up-to 30-minutes for their presentation followed by a discussion and Q+A session with other members in attendance – the event will be hosted on Zoom and moderated by a Night Club team member. Presenters will have the flexibility of choosing a date & time that works for them.

Community Shares events will be recorded and made available for replay.

There is so much talent in The Club, we are excited to provide an opportunity for that talent to shine.





If you are interested in presenting on the Community Shares please submit the form below and let us know what you would like to talk about.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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about Night Club

Night Club is a groundbreaking venture. Its mission is to establish and nurture an international community of students and teachers who have an interest in these extraordinary practices.

about Andrew

Andrew has been studying and practicing meditation and the nocturnal practices of lucid dreaming and dream yoga for over 40 years, and teaching them internationally for over 10 years.