About Andrew Holecek

Andrew Holecek has been working with the nocturnal meditations for over forty years, and teaching them internationally for over ten years. He has studied directly with the greatest living masters of dream yoga in India and Nepal, and refined his practice of the nocturnal meditations while in the traditional three-year Buddhist meditation retreat. It was in this intensive training where he also practiced the meditations of sleep yoga, bardo yoga, and illusory form yoga. Andrew continues to pursue his study and practice of the nocturnal meditations in the United States and Asia.

Dr. Holecek is also a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, and works with sleep disorders in his clinical practice. He has co-authored scientific papers and actively studies the science and medicine of sleep and dream. This broad-spectrum expertise – from science to spirituality –makes him uniquely qualified in the world of sleep and dream.

Andrew is the author of The Power and the Pain: Transforming Spiritual Hardship into Joy; Preparing to Die: Practical Advice and Spiritual Wisdom from the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition, Meditation in the iGeneration; How to Meditate in a World of Speed and Stress, the audio learning course Dream Yoga; The Tibetan Path of Awakening Through Lucid Dreaming, and most recently, Dream Yoga; Illuminating Your Life Through Lucid Dreaming and the Tibetan Yogas of Sleep.

Andrew’s work has appeared in Parabola, Lion’s Roar, Tricycle, Utne Reader, Buddhadharma, Light of Consciousness, and many other periodicals. Andrew holds degrees in classical music, biology, and a doctorate in dental surgery. He lives in Boulder, Colorado. Visit andrewholecek.com for more.

A Few of Andrew’s Books

Meditation for the iGeneration

Everything you need to know to start meditating. It tells you what meditation is, dispels the myths of what it is not, and shows you how to find lasting peace and happiness through this practice.

Dream Yoga: Illuminating Your Life Through Lucid Dreaming and the Tibetan Yogas of Sleep

The most comprehensive book yet on the nocturnal meditations. Joining science and spirituality, East and West, in a full-spectrum exploration of the night, it explains how lucid dreaming develops into dream yoga

Dream Yoga: The Tibetan Path of Awakening Through Lucid Dreaming

Through this program, Andrew guides listeners through not only lucid dream induction techniques, but also introduce them to the profound, yet infrequently taught practice of dream yoga.